Konect.ai Offers New Products

By Staff Writer May 19, 2022

Konect.ai, a provider of automotive lead management, is changing the way dealers can use their proprietary technology. Customers now have the opportunity to choose from three innovative Ai engagement packages that best suit their needs.

The relaunch focuses on three different product options or various bundled packages to choose from with those three specialized products. Konect.ai’s first product launch is Konect Acquirewhich focuses on inventory acquisitions. The Ai engages with leads and adds in-store or phone appointments directly into the CRM to acquire inventory from qualified and ready to sell or trade customers. With the pillars in place, Konect.ai can focus on building the capabilities of the Ai to consistently exceed industry standards.

The innovative technology company has increased their workforce in order to accommodate the demand for their superior and user-friendly artificial intelligence. Colby Joyner has joined the Konect.ai team as vice president of sales. Colby’s extensive experience in retail automotive, automotive technology/software, and the integration and implementation of software products will undoubtedly enhance the customer experience. Most recently, Colby was the Platform Director for Bravo Auto Group in Victoria, Texas. Colby brings with him a fresh take on what Konect.ai can do for the consumer, and how it can best serve dealerships of any size as well as other industries.

“I’m excited about Konect.ai because it solves a problem that most have tried to solve with additional staff or product, which eventually changes their process. The technology has to match the culture; if it doesn’t, it won't work,” said Colby Joyner, VP of Sales. “Konect.ai lives outside of current processes without interrupting flow. We aim to lift, not disrupt. Our products allow dealers to focus on customers who are ready to do business.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 24 May 2022 14:41