ShipYourCarNow Partners with CarNow

By Staff Writer May 13, 2022

ShipYourCarNow will now integrate directly with CarNow’s Real-Time RetailTM platform.

ShipYourCarNow’s industry-specific application programming interface (API) enables the consumer and dealer to close the gap between purchase and delivery.

This collaboration will enable CarNow’s dealership partners to include shipping directly into the purchasing process. Consumers and dealers will know upfront their exact, real-time delivery cost prior to finalizing the purchase, including the ability to incorporate the delivery cost within the financing. ShipYourCarNow brings an Amazon-like shipping model to meet both a consumer and dealer’s budgetary and timing needs.

The ShipYourCarNow solution supplies dealers with a simple way to show their customers the cost to ship a vehicle and to execute the shipping transaction within the dealer’s website.

 “With our suite of Integrated Automotive Transportation Solutions (IATS), we have the flexibility to meet any business process requirements for an awesome user experience” said John Robertson, executive vice president of ShipYourCarNow.

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Last modified on Friday, 13 May 2022 12:39