Heavy-Duty Market Shifts

By Staff Writer May 12, 2022

Since the beginning of 2022, heavy-duty truck auction values have shown a 7% decrease while inventory levels have increased 28%, according to the latest Sandhills Global Market Report. These trends are significant because decreasing auction values and increasing inventory levels have historically been leading indicators of downward asking values.

U.S. Used Heavy-Duty Trucks

  • Auction value trends have been a leading indicator of changing asking values in the ensuing months. This April, asking values for heavy-duty trucks maintained an upward year-over-year trend, increasing 59.2% YOY; sellers should monitor these values closely moving forward.
  • In April, the Sandhills EVI charted a 57.3% YOY auction value increase; by comparison, auction values this January were up 64.3% YOY, showcasing the downward value trend since the beginning of the year.
  • Asking values have historically declined when there is a significant increase in inventory levels. Although heavy-duty truck inventory levels were down 30% YOY in April, this marks a 12.7-pecentage-point increase from March 2022 when inventory levels were down 42.7% YOY.

U.S. Used Construction Equipment

  • Used construction equipment values continued an upward trend in April. Auction values were up 17.8% YOY and asking values were up 10% YOY.
  • Inventory levels within the construction market, which includes dozers, crawler excavators, and wheel loaders, were down 45.8% YOY in April. This is a slight increase from March, when inventory levels were down 47.7% YOY.

U.S. Used Farm Equipment

  • Auction values for used farm equipment displayed a 10.5% YOY increase in April. Asking values were fairly flat, increasing just 6.4% YOY.
  • The Sandhills EVI found inventory levels for farm equipment increased slightly from March to April, moving a 33.2% YOY decrease in March to a 29% YOY decrease in April
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