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Sincro CRM Boosts Integration with Tekion

By Staff Writer May 05, 2022

Sincro, an automotive digital marketing company, announced the deeper integration of its proprietary website technology capabilities with Tekion. The Sincro open platform allows for integration of consumer engagement, interaction, visit, and return visit data into the Tekion customer relationship management (CRM) tool, providing auto dealers access to the data in the Tekion dealer management system (DMS). The integration, available at scale beginning August 2022 for dealers working with both Sincro and Tekion, solves for a gap often found in the automotive industry where consumer data is not accessible to dealers in one system, which hinders data-driven decisioning and delays lead follow-up.

“The majority of companies now operate in distributed ecosystems where the use of data to create personalized consumer experiences is paramount, and the auto industry is no exception,” said Ed McLaughlin, chief product and technology officer at Ansira. “In the drive for digital to connect original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, and consumers, the integration of Sincro’s website open platform with Tekion’s CRM and, ultimately, their DMS, fuels business intelligence and decisioning which allows dealers to deliver that next level personalization and consumer engagement.

Sincro, a 2020 acquisition by marketing technology and services company Ansira, first announced its partnership with Tekion in July 2021.

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Last modified on Friday, 06 May 2022 00:06

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