California Bill Targets ‘Predatory’ Dealers

By Staff Writer April 19, 2022

California legislators have announced Senate Bill 1311, which will extend legal and financial protections for active duty and reserve service members and their families.

Parts of the bill that specifically address the auto industry include:

  • Enhance the ability of service members to terminate auto leases when they are reassigned or deployed; and
  • Provide enlisted service members at the rank of E-5 or below, who have been the targets of predatory auto sales practices, with an automatic 30-day cooling off period for auto purchases and leases to allow them to return the purchased or leased vehicle.

The legislation stems from the California Department of Justice’s investigation and prosecution of businesses that have targeted service members and military families. It also draws from previous discussions between the Attorney General and military personnel, JAG legal assistance attorneys, command financial counselors, and other members of the military and veterans’ community, including a July 2021 roundtable event at Naval Base San Diego. If passed, the bill would establish stronger consumer protection laws for California’s service members. 

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Last modified on Friday, 22 April 2022 13:20