Westlake, Western Funding Introduce RTF

By Staff Writer April 14, 2022

Westlake Financial (WF) and Western Funding (WFI) are now funding deals to their dealer partners in real-time.WF and WFI expect to have at least 25% of their total monthly deal volume fully automated, decreasing funding time exponentially.

“When driven people come together to tackle a common objective, special things can happen,” stated Kyle Dietrich, SVP of Originations at WF. “Our team members leveraged cutting-edge tools and technology to expedite our services and fund deals in real-time, revolutionizing the auto industry.”

The full process of funding deals originally took an average of two days but can now be completed instantly. On Feb. 12th, 126 deals were funded within ten seconds. Now, WF and WFI can provide instant verification and speedy eContracting.

In the coming months, the companies expect to see improvements in automation efforts across the board.

“It is an honor to witness some of the top talents in technology and auto finance as they utilize data and leading-edge technology to produce wonders,” stated Mark Vazquez, senior vice president of sales for WF.

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Last modified on Thursday, 21 April 2022 12:36