Stupid Useless Vehicles Featured

By Ted Craig August 06, 2019 2049

A new ad for the Chrysler Pacifica finally calls out sport-utilities for their lack of, well, utility. It’s too little, too late, SUVs, and the related crossovers, have completely usurped minivans and are now doing away with most cars. This is despite the fact their perform less well than either.
SUVs offer lousy cargo capacity, especially when compared to minivans and pick-up trucks. And they can’t offer the driving experience of a car due to their higher center of gravity.
But consumers love them, especially women. And as the population ages, the main attraction isn’t the ability to get off-road, but the ability to get in and out of them with less strain on the knees.
So, stock up, I guess.


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Last modified on Wednesday, 07 August 2019 13:02