Clarivoy Integrates into CarGurus

By Staff Writer January 18, 2022

With the addition of tracking capabilities on the CarGurus website, Clarivoy’s subscribing dealers can gain a more comprehensive and accurate picture of how many sales are influenced by CarGurus.

Clarivoy’s proprietary algorithms fractionalize credit across the various touchpoints in a buyer’s purchase journey so that every marketing effort is accurately recognized for its contribution to sales. When relying on leads alone for attribution, dealers face significant blind spots because they can’t see the full impact their marketing efforts had on their customer’s purchase journey. With this new integration, dealers now have a granular view of how consumers interact with CarGurus before purchasing a car. Dealers receive insights into how many anonymous online shoppers CarGurus drives to their dealership(s) in addition to the traditional measurement metrics using leads and click-through data.

“We believe dealers will benefit significantly with this additional data, enabling them to see the vital and important role that marketplace sites have in influencing sales,” said Steve White, Clarivoy founder and CEO. “This additional data is a significant step toward greater insight for automotive retail dealers, as CarGurus is a premier listing site in the United States, where millions of visitors shop online anonymously every month.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 18 January 2022 16:04