SmartHop Offers Insurance Solution

By Staff Writer December 08, 2021

SmartHop, a total truck dispatch, announced its insurance offering for owner-operators, with hopes of reducing the stress small trucking companies face when acquiring insurance and further democratizing their access to the same resources of their larger peers.

SmartHop’s insurance solution offers access to commercial auto and cargo insurance carriers, enabling small trucking companies to protect their business and truckers in an increasingly challenging market.

One of the largest operating expenses small trucking companies face is insurance, which eats into their already-thin margins and keeps them playing on an uneven field against their larger peers.

SmartHop offers a variety of essential insurance coverage options, with a particular focus on commercial auto insurance — coverage for trucks and drivers in vehicle-related accidents and injuries — and cargo insurance — coverage for freight while transporting on the road. As a licensed agency, SmartHop provides a selection of top-rated insurance carriers to choose from so small trucking companies.

SmartHop’s insurance offering leverages insights driven from the deep levels of data captured by the company’s technology, resulting in lower insurance premiums for resource-strapped owner-operators.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 15 December 2021 14:53