Manheim Expands Arbitration for Ready Logistics

By Staff Writer October 24, 2021

Manheim is giving clients another reason to be confident when buying digitally and shipping with Ready Logistics—two extra days to arbitrate if a vehicle arrives outside of the standard 10-day timeframe. An enhancement to Manheim’s well-received Digital Buyer Protection program, this arbitration extension will give dealers the extra time they need to evaluate vehicles and file a claim, if needed. Coming at a time when a shortage of transporters has converged with more dealers buying vehicles digitally, this is yet another way Manheim is working to give clients more confidence in its Connected Client Experience.

“With the vast majority of clients purchasing vehicles digitally, we’re doing everything we can to deliver a seamless, intuitive and connected experience for our clients,” said Connie Suozzo, vice president of Manheim Digital. “This arbitration extension is another way we’re showing clients that we’re committed to giving them the utmost confidence and fewer hassles when they buy vehicles digitally in the Manheim Marketplace and use Ready Logistics for transportation.”

The arbitration extension provides clients who purchase a vehicle through any one of Manheim’s digital sales channels (Simulcast,, Manheim Express, and OVE) and transport that vehicle with Ready Logistics an additional two days to file an arbitration claim, should a transport delay occur and the vehicle arrives outside of the standard arbitration time period. To be eligible, clients must order transportation through Ready Logistics within two days of purchase.

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Last modified on Saturday, 30 October 2021 18:02