TurboPass Integrates with DealerCenter

By Staff Writer October 07, 2021

Effective Oct. 6, the 14,000 DealerCenter users not already signed up with TurboPass will be getting access through DealerCenter to pull TurboPass reports.

“DealerCenter has always been an industry leading platform that provides all the products necessary for a dealer to be successful with their lenders. We’re beyond excited to have our tool available in the platform and continue to powerfully contribute to serving dealers across the country,” said Mike Jarman, TurboPass CEO.

With this integration, all DealerCenter users without a current TurboPass subscription are given a trial of 3 free reports so they can try it out for themselves. After a dealer has used their 3 free reports, they’ll be prompted to sign up for one of TurboPass’ monthly subscriptions.

By using TurboPass, dealers send their customer a text to validate the customer’s down payment ability in seconds, saving valuable time in the vehicle buying and closing process. A unique TurboPass code is generated for each customer, allowing dealers to easily view, print and submit the customer’s stips in their deal jacket.

To send the TurboPass invite link within DealerCenter, dealers will open their deal package and find their buyer’s name at the top, then click the ‘TurboPass Report’ option which is located just under the ‘Credit Report’ option inside the deal. A pop-up will appear to confirm they want to invite their customer and once confirmed the buyer will receive the text invite. Once the prompts of the text message are completed by the buyer, a PDF of the report will be available next to the ‘TurboPass Report’ button that was first selected.

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Last modified on Friday, 08 October 2021 15:03