Ford, Tesla Earn Top Marks for EV Fleets

By Staff Writer September 14, 2021 554

Escalent, a human behavior and analytics advisory firm, published the latest findings from Fleet Advisory Hub, a platform designed to explore the needs, expectations and emotions of commercial and fleet vehicle decision-makers.

The newest report examines fleet decision-makers’ familiarity with and opinions of many top brands with electrified vehicle plans, across duty segments, as well as their likelihood of considering products from each brand for fleet implementation.

Among the key findings are clear indicators for the automotive industry’s biggest brands:

Ford and Tesla earn top marks for electric vehicle (EV) applications in light and medium/heavy duty fleets.
Tesla is the brand most synonymous and emblematic of the electrification movement, viewed as the “absolute leader for electrification” by approximately half of both light duty and medium/heavy duty fleet participants. This reflects similar Escalent EVForwardTM findings, wherein retail consumers are most aware of Tesla as a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles.
Among light duty brands, startups such as Rivian and Lordstown lag far behind legacy automakers and their observable products and accelerating marketing campaigns.


“Startup brands have a lot of catching up to do among light duty fleet decision-makers, where familiar brands and their electrified products dominate mindshare,” said Michael Schmall, automotive & mobility vice president at Escalent. “The story is a bit different for those operating medium and heavy duty fleets, as few tangible products in this segment can be seen on the road, offering a more level playing field.”

The study also provides a closer look at the factors most likely to influence EV adoption among fleet decision-makers.

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