Stellantis Announces Ambitious EV Strategy

By Staff Writer July 13, 2021 938
Some of the EV charging stations Stellantis is building will be solar-powered. Some of the EV charging stations Stellantis is building will be solar-powered.

Stellantis is making the jump into an all-electric future. Not to be left behind by GM, Ford, VW,  and other automakers, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares announced the auto company is accelerating its EV strategy. The plan includes spending more than $35 billion over the next five years to meet the goal of electrifying 98% of Stellantis’ new models, across the company's 14 brands, by 2025. All 14 brands are turning their attention to EVs, including the company's American bread and butter brands Jeep, Ram, and Dodge.

Stellantis has plans to launch 55 electrified vehicles in the U.S and the E.U by 2025. The company expects by 2030 that its EV and hybrid lineup will account for around 40% of sales in North America and 70% in the E.U.

Four EV platforms have been developed, the STLA Small, STLA Medium, STLA Large and the STLA Frame. The platforms will ensure that all vehicle types, sizes, and shapes, will be offered as EVs, from the popular Fiat models to off-road super sellers like the Jeep brand and Ram trucks, all the way down to commercial vans.

The automaker unveiled new taglines for some of its brands. Chrysler’s new tagline is “clean technology for a new generation of families" and Maserati’s is ”the best in performance luxury-electrified." Fiat will fully phase out gas-powered cars. All future Abarth vehicles will be electric starting in 2024. Fiat will be an EV-only brand by 2030 and the Opel brand will be fully electric by 2024. 

Stellantis said most of the new EVs will be fully electric, but some hybrid models will remain. 

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