Let the (In-Person) Events Begin!

By Jeffery Bellant June 17, 2021 239

As this post went to press, the Conference of Automotive Remarketing (CAR) was taking place in Las Vegas.

CAR deserves credit for taking the leap, even if it was a tough sell as some corporations are still not traveling and some states have only recently ended shutdowns.

Still, it’s time for the industry to meet in person again. I look forward to the next three big events. Two events will take place this August in San Antonio: the National Independent Automobile Dealers Convention & Expo and the International Automotive Remarketing Alliance Summer Roundtable.

Then in September, the National Auto Auction Association Convention & Expo returns to Chicago.

It will be a good time for folks to meet as the industry faces challenges from inventory to inflation.

This business is still a people business and it’s time to get out of home offices, put some professional attire back on (if my suit can even button up anymore) and start shaking hands again.

The 2019 NAAA convention – the last in-person event I attended – seems like yesterday.

Actually, it doesn’t seem like yesterday at all. It seems like a LOOOONNNNGGG time ago.

The industry has a done an admirable job holding virtual events and keeping a semblance of community during the last 15 months.

I thought the IARA’s 2020 Summer Roundtable, using the Pathable platform, offered the best virtual event of the pandemic era. By providing a section that allowed attendees to chat with each other throughout the sessions, the platform offered a truly interactive experience.

But it’s not the same and everyone I speak with looks forward to the real deal.

I hope CAR’s event this week has provided the springboard for the industry’s return to live events.

As the athletes say, “Let’s GO!”

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