RecovR Launches in Six States

By Staff Writer June 17, 2021


RecovR, a two-in-one lot management and theft recovery solution by the Kudelski Group, has successfully deployed multiple large multi-location dealerships in Arizona, Texas, California, Hawaii, Colorado and Illinois. RecovR aims to help car dealers manage their lots more efficiently, improve the sales process and create a new revenue stream, all while providing consumers with an advanced and reliable wireless theft recovery solution.

“As we roll out RecovR nationwide,” said Patrick Hauert, vice president, “it's clear that the product is not only disrupting the market through its innovative IoT technology, but also through its revenue-positive business model that is enabling dealerships to streamline their operations like never before.

“And by going completely wireless with a multi-year battery life, it’s far easier to install for the dealer, taking less than a minute compared to the 30-60 minutes wired trackers can take to install. And that’s ultimately safer for the new car owner, because unlike after-market wired solutions, wireless solutions don’t risk violating the manufacturer’s warranty.”

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Last modified on Thursday, 17 June 2021 13:06