Digital Air Strike Launches New Tools

By Staff Writer June 14, 2021

Digital Air Strike announced the launch of two new customer experience (CX) technology solutions designed to improve how dealers merchandise their vehicles and convert prospects, all while helping dealers increase inventory levels. Digital Air Strike announced the launch of Response Logix 5.0, the company's patented Lead Response technology that uses A.I. technology to build prospect-specific websites in real-time, paired with CRM integration to respond to every lead more effectively. Digital Air Strike also launched the new Inventory Maximizer solution to provide a more profitable way to merchandise inventory online.

Response Logix 5.0 is part of Digital Air Strike's Engagement Platform. It integrates with 27 inventory providers, 26 CRM platforms, and five additional data partners, including Fortellis eLeads, Dealertrack Payment Driver, and Cox Automotive VinSolutions. The platform offers an enhanced response cadence that sends multiple personalized responses to every prospect on behalf of the dealership's designated sales representatives. Dealership staff is alerted when consumers engage, and they can jump in at any time. Emails are sent to each lead linking to a customized website that is dynamically built in real-time for every prospect, along with AI-driven vehicle suggestions and payment options. Continued email and text communications automatically nurture each prospect, all tailored to each dealership's existing sales process.

New enhancements to the lead response technology include the ability for dealers to cross-promote alternative vehicle options from across all stores within a dealer group, not just the website or showroom for the store the consumer inquired initially.

Response Logix 5.0 also presents vehicle buy-back and trade-in valuations through Kelley Blue Book, even if the consumer is only wanting to sell their vehicle to the dealership and is not yet ready to buy.

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Last modified on Thursday, 17 June 2021 13:13