ACV Introduces Closed Dealer Platform

By Staff Writer June 02, 2021

ACV, a marketplace for wholesale vehicle transactions and data services, is now offering ACV PRIVATE MARKETPLACES, which provides dealers with a dedicated closed platform to list and sell vehicles to select audiences. With ACV’s fully customizable private marketplace product, customers can define who they are inviting, the sale format, timing and branding within the online marketplace to facilitate efficient movement of inventory and faster, more profitable sales.
ACV PRIVATE MARKETPLACES promises trust and transparency for private groups looking to transact digitally. This product is envisioned to serve two primary audiences; initially large dealership groups with multiple locations and commercial partners who require a closed auction platform. To run a vehicle privately, the dealer lists the vehicle for sale within their designated private marketplace and the vehicle will open to an invite-only list of participants. Offering flexibility, the auction time frame is fully adjustable and invited participants can place a proxy bid if they are not available within the designated auction period. If the vehicle does not sell for the minimal price, it can then be seamlessly listed within ACV’s open marketplace. 
“Our proprietary technology and data analysis shows that within our private marketplace offering, vehicles that are listed for sale amongst a selected group of dealer invitees results in a vehicle being more likely to land at a retail location where it will sell faster,” said ACV’s CEO George Chamoun.  

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Last modified on Tuesday, 08 June 2021 13:08