SureSale Launches Inspection App

By Staff Writer May 27, 2021

A new app from SureSale could streamline the inspection process, eliminating manual checklists and computer inputs, all while fueling consumer confidence through a comprehensive vehicle history and condition report.

SureSale provides auto retailers, independent technicians and repair facilities the ability to share used vehicle history and real-time condition information.

โ€œOur app eases the inspection process, speeding it up by at least 30 minutes and automatically combining multi-point real-time condition information with deep vehicle history into one report that can be shared digitally with customers on-the-spot,โ€ said Michael Rose, a SureSale vice president.

While the physical inspection takes place, the new app simultaneously runs the VIN through SureSaleโ€™s proprietary platform to analyze and check vehicle history, title status, odometer accuracy, manufacturer warranty, recalls, and other important vehicle information. This information is automatically combined with the inspection information in the easily shareable, easily readable SureSale vehicle quality report.

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Last modified on Thursday, 27 May 2021 12:43