Property Brother: ‘Stylish Loo’ Episode

By Tony Moorby May 18, 2021 648

Like many during this imposed ‘imprisonment,’ Terry and I have been surveying our same four walls and wondering what improvements we could make without breaking the bank.

The master bathroom was looking a little dated and we were quite aware that it would involve more than a lick of paint. Had that been the case, the project would have been undertaken immediately and by ourselves – Terry’s quite a dab hand with a brush!

We spend a great deal of time (and money) in the kitchen so we thought we’d splurge and spend some time and money on the kitchen. Since buying the house a few years ago we’ve never been entirely enamored of the countertops and have flirted with the idea of opening it up to share more room with the lounge. The more we thought about it, the more appealing the ideas became and decided to get the project going.

Many years ago, we had a house built from scratch – an exercise that normally stresses the relationship with the builder and the marriage. Our experience was as enjoyable as it was rewarding and our relationship with Jeff, the builder, has blossomed into an abiding friendship to this day. So we naturally called upon him to advise us and guide us through the exercise.

This ended up as our residential equivalent of giving a mouse a cookie; “if you’re retiling the shower, why not move it to the other side of the bathroom and make it bigger, while you’re at it, why not retile the floor and heat it too?” And so on. The old vanity would look really naff so a new one became another requisite along with the freestanding soaking tub and a refit in both dressing rooms. The walls became sleekly modern in a cashmere grey shiplap. The old handles and draw pulls needed to keep up with the times in the same style as the new accent lamps and a stylish loo to go where the old shower used to be.

I reminded Terry of the old adages about renovations – things would get worse before they get better, they’ll be at least 50% more expensive than we budgeted for and things will take twice as long as we thought they would. All the above is proving out with exquisite circularity but the finished bathroom is going to be stunning.

As a break from cooking programs and Netflix series I’ve been watching some home renovation shows like “Home Town” and “This Old House.” I have no idea where those folks in Laurel, Mississippi get their prices for revamping kitchens but they sure don’t get their cabinets and appliances anywhere near Nashville! I’ve spent as much on a fridge and a cooktop as they manage to spend redoing a kitchen from top to toe!

Of course, time lapses are never addressed in the ideal fairy world of television makeovers. Covid 19 has caught supply chains off guard so getting major appliances in short order is out the window. The truck carrying our bathroom tiles got lost between the coasts and ‘couldn’t be located.’ I reminded the suppliers that if I ordered a tube of toothpaste from Amazon, I could darn near tell where the delivery truck was within a few miles. Excuses in the building trade get really exotic – almost as bad as a dealer’s service department!

Putting a kitchen together requires scheduling of deliveries and the presence of the requisite artisan in whatever discipline is being applied to fall like dominoes – they do on TV! “Can’t fit the new island till the mechanical guy moves the gas pipes!” “Can’t move the gas pipes till the plumber’s decided to run the new water lines.”

You get the idea. So a six-week project is now into its tenth week with probably another four to go. But we’ve entertained the whole thing with good graces and an even better group of guys doing the work. To a man (person) they’re humorous, hardworking and polite.

We’ll owe them a feast when it’s all said and done.


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