TrueCar Launches New Program

By Staff Writer May 06, 2021

TrueCar has launched a digital sales pilot program with Roadster. Consumers using TrueCar will now be able to finalize their car buying deals digitally through an API that integrates directly into Roadster’s back-end software. This capability is currently available at over 650 dealers that work with both TrueCar and Roadster. 

Mike Darrow CEO of TrueCar

With this program, consumers can now extend the car buying experience even further online by completing their deal terms digitally through the integration with Roadster.

“The ability to finalize the terms of a car deal online is critical,” said Mike Darrow, president & CEO of TrueCar. “Through our pilot program with Roadster, TrueCar consumers at select dealerships now have the ability to build real car deals digitally, including finance terms.”

Consumers who use the TrueCar and Roadster integration can now pick up on the dealer’s Express Storefront right where they left off on TrueCar, without having to repeat any steps. The consumer will see the same vehicle price, qualifying incentives, and lease/finance deal terms that they configured and were presented on TrueCar (subject to validation of the information provided by the consumer). For dealers, this ensures they not only have all the pertinent deal structure inputs from the consumer, but also makes the process more efficient by passing the information directly into the dealer’s Roadster Admin sales tool for easy follow-up.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 14:16