J.D. Power Allies With NXCR

By Staff Writer May 06, 2021

NXCR, a fintech and vehicle subscription platform,  and J.D. Power, a global leader in data analytics and consumer intelligence, have announced a strategic alliance. J.D. Power’s vehicle valuations and consumer insights will support and strengthen NXCR’s vehicle subscription value proposition. The intent of the alliance is to give consumers more flexible choices when making vehicle purchase decisions.

The collaboration provides NXCR with a comprehensive dataset for vehicle valuations, residual value forecasts and insights on consumer preferences and experiences, said Scott Painter, founder and CEO of NXCR. 

Subscriptions have quickly become one way consumers access and pay for all categories of products and services. 

“As both new and used vehicle prices continue to rise, flexibility -- including monthly payment options and contract length -- will become increasingly important in how consumers shop for a vehicle,” said David Habiger, president and CEO of J.D. Power. “Scott Painter and Georg Bauer are pioneers in bringing to life vehicle subscriptions and introduced the Car-as-a-Service category to automotive. J.D. Power is excited to partner with them on the future of mobility with NXCR.”

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Last modified on Friday, 07 May 2021 16:58