Hits 10 Million Milestone

By Staff Writer May 05, 2021 reports that 10 million car buyers have left reviews for local dealers on its platform, powered by its DealerRater technology. For years, has provided a venue for consumers to voice their honest feedback about local car dealers, vehicles and even individual salespeople, making it the broadest and largest automotive review platform.

The 10 million milestone comes as digital-first experiences take center stage and consumers are increasingly seeking out reviews about how local businesses are handling health and safety concerns related to the pandemic. The number of people leaving reviews about local dealers is on the rise: March 2021 marked the highest volume ever of new reviews on the platform, with nearly 140,000 reviews posted in a single month, according to research.

“Reviews on have become even more important over the last year as consumers pay closer attention to the buying experience offered by local businesses as consumers seek the best overall experience for their needs,” said Brooke Skinner Ricketts, chief experience officer at

Consumers have rewarded local car dealerships for their recent efforts, leaving 90% positive reviews during the pandemic’s peak. Other national trends from recent and DealerRater research include:

  • Three-star minimum for most purchases. One in 3 shoppers won’t make a purchase without reading a review.  The majority of shoppers (68%) state they will not buy from a business with fewer than three stars.
  • The rise of “no touch” retail. Reviews mentioning contactless services, including “safe pickup” and “home delivery,” rose 1,100% in just the past year, highlighting how car dealers are meeting the changing needs of shoppers and transforming the car-buying process.
  • Health and safety: new and influential review criteria. Sixty-nine percent of respondents wouldn’t buy from a business with poor or negative reviews about pandemic health and safety measures.
  • Reviews drive sales. Over 85% of dealerships report DealerRater reviews have helped them sell and/or service more vehicles.
  • Employee reviews spur requests, referrals and sales. Almost 80% of DealerRater users said consumers have specifically asked for them because of their online reviews and reputation. Nearly 90% of shopper requests to work with a specific sales representative led to a sale.
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Last modified on Monday, 10 May 2021 12:32