New Asset Management Platform Launches

By Staff Writer May 03, 2021

Omega Auto Tech has announced the launch of SafePoint, a new Asset Management/Customer Retention platform that combines the most desired GPS data analytics with state-of-the-art alerts and notifications to take dealership vehicle security, inventory management and customer retention to new levels.

SafePoint GPS features real-time location

With SafePoint, dealers, from virtually anywhere, can access inventory, locate vehicles off-site and identify vehicles in inventory that have low batteries or low fuel. For added security, dealers can use geofencing to establish a vehicle’s virtual perimeter.

Using advanced connected car technology and data management, SafePoint combines real-time vehicle tracking, theft protection, vehicle health scans and “smart” alerts to keep dealers informed regarding location, performance and health conditions of vehicles. Dealers can monitor and secure their inventory, instantly locate specific vehicles for customers, audits or service, and assist in stolen vehicle recovery. They can generate a location history and track mileage (crucial for loaner programs, service vehicles and test drives).

It can eliminate common lot management issues such as dead batteries and low fuel problems, and quickly identify vehicles speeding or taken off-lot using data delivered via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

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Last modified on Monday, 03 May 2021 12:57