Military Vehicle Museum Honors Vets

By Staff Writer April 26, 2021

The National Museum of Military Vehicles announced that it will hold a public ceremony May 15 to honor the veterans who participated in the Mayaguez rescue on the 46th anniversary of the Vietnam War battle.

During the ceremony, a Mayaguez Tribute Truck escorted by Patriot Guards Riders will be donated to the museum. Once the Tribute Truck reaches the museum, the names of the 41 Americans who fell during the battle will be read and honored with TAPS, followed by a reunion of surviving Mayaguez veterans.

“The Mayaguez rescue performed on May 15, 1975 was the last battle of the Vietnam War,” said Doug Cubbison, Curator of NMMV. “The names of the 41 Americans who perished in this battle are the last 41 names inscribed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington, D.C. The 46th anniversary of the battle is a fitting occasion for the museum to publicly remember and honor both the fallen and the survivors of this battle.”

“Terry Brooks, a veteran of the Mayaguez rescue, created a Tribute Truck to ensure that the sacrifice of those who fell during this battle is always remembered,” said Alynne Catron, Executive Director of NMMV. “Terry is donating the Tribute Truck to our museum to preserve and share in perpetuity with the public.”

The Mayaguez incident: On May 12, 1975, a U.S. flagged cargo ship, the S.S. Mayaguez and its crew were seized by a Cambodian Khmer Rouge naval vessel. President Gerald Ford ordered military action to force the Cambodians to return the ship and release its crew. This rescue mission by the Marines, Navy, and Air Force took place on May 15, 1975. During the ensuing combat, 25 Air Force pilots and crew, two Navy Corpsmen, and fourteen Marines were killed in action while another fifty Americans were wounded. The Khmer Rouge released the Mayaguez and its crew unharmed.

The ceremony commemorating the Mayaguez rescue will begin at 10 a.m., May 15 in Dubois, Wyo.

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