FCA US Reports Strong Quarter

By Staff Writer April 06, 2021
The Jeep brand saw its Wrangler post the best-ever first-quarter retail sales. The Jeep brand saw its Wrangler post the best-ever first-quarter retail sales.

FCA US LLC reported a 5% increase in first-quarter U.S. total sales driven by strong retail demand. For the quarter, U.S. sales were 469,651 vehicles, compared with 446,768 for the same period a year earlier. Retail sales rose 25 percent, compared with the first quarter of 2020. Focus on growing the commercial fleet business continues to pay dividends with fleet commercial sales up 24% compared with the first quarter of 2020. Fleet accounted for 19% of total sales for the quarter.

"In spite of what started out as a strong start last year, before COVID shocked us all, this quarter was a very strong rebound for retail sales year over year," said U.S. Head of Sales Jeff Kommor. "The consumer demand for our brands and our products was extremely strong throughout the quarter."  

2020 Alfa Romeo Giulia

The Jeep brand saw its Wrangler post the best-ever first-quarter retail sales, following the best-ever fourth-quarter sales in 2020. Total Wrangler sales rose 25% to 49,646 vehicles. Jeep Gladiator followed suit. Following its best-ever fourth-quarter sales in 2020, Gladiator posted its best-ever first quarter with total sales of 18,822 vehicles, a 23% increase over the same period last year. Gladiator also had its best month of retail and total sales in March since launch. 

Ram recorded its best-ever first quarter retail sales. In March, the Ram brand also posted its best-ever monthly retail sales. Overall, Ram retail sales rose 28% in the quarter based on strong consumer demand for trucks. 

For the first quarter, the Alfa Romeo brand posted a 25% gain in total sales compared with the same period last year, with sales of the Stelvio SUV increasing by 34% and the Giulia sedan by 17 percent.

Total first-quarter sales of the Chrysler brand increased 32% to 39,737 vehicles, led by the Chrysler Pacifica. First-quarter retail sales of Pacifica increased 57 percent, compared to the first quarter of 2020.

Dodge Challenger and Charger continue the trend in the first quarter, with retail sales of the muscle cars up 29% year-over-year.  The new 2021 Dodge Durango had a 61% increase in first-quarter retail sales. 

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