Privacy4Cars Expands into Canada

By Staff Writer March 26, 2021

Privacy4Cars, a tech company focused on creating privacy and compliance solutions for vehicles, announced a double move in the Canadian market. Its namesake service has been deployed across a number of auctions in Canada and is now available as a service to wholesalers looking to comply with Canadian privacy laws. Additionally, Privacy4Cars signed a distribution agreement with King Warrior Direct, a distributor of services and F&I offerings for dealerships. Privacy4Cars’proprietary platform facilitates the deletion of Personal Information left behind in vehicles by previous owners and occupants such as phone numbers, call logs, location history (including home addresses) and garage door codes. 

The timing of Privacy4Cars’ expansion is in sync with escalating attention of Canadian regulators and companies on the compliance issues revolving around data collected by vehicles. In November 2020, the Canada lawmakers introduced the proposed Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020, which “aims to modernize the framework for the protection of personal information in the private sector,” with automotive being a specifically debated industry.

“Our expansion into the Canadian market is a natural extension for Privacy4Cars,” said Andrea Amico, Privacy4Cars founder and renowned cybersecurity and privacy expert. “A significant portion of our current customer base is in Canada, and the mindsets of Canadians toward the ethics and legal frameworks of privacy has increased tremendously as a result of the DCIA.

In tandem with its availability expansion, Privacy4Cars is partnering with Kings Warrior Direct to offer, in addition to its core data deletion and compliance process, a suite of privacy value-added services that dealerships can offer customers when trading-in or buying a vehicle. 

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Last modified on Friday, 26 March 2021 13:39