Wantalease: Payments Hold Steady

By Staff Writer March 24, 2021
The Honda Civic is one of lowest priced of all leases coming in at around $159 per month. The Honda Civic is one of lowest priced of all leases coming in at around $159 per month.

Wantalease.com, an online car lease marketplace for new lease deals, reported that most lease payments held steady from January to February. However, there are a few car brands continuing to lower monthly rates while others increase their rates. 

Like last month, both Honda and Toyota are continuing to decrease leasing payments. The largest decreases for the month included the Honda Civic with an -11.16 percent decrease, the Toyota RAV4 with a -6.84 percent decrease, and the Honda Pilot with a -5.38 percent decrease. The Honda Civic is offered at $159 per month, the RAV4 is offered at $189 per month, and the Honda Pilot is offered at $309 per month. 

The largest lease increases include the Acura MDX, with a 15.48 percent increase from January, the Audi A3 with a 13.16 percent increase, and the Chevrolet Silverado truck with an 8.60 percent increase. The Acura MDX is listed at $469 per month, the Audi A3 is listed at $369 per month, and the Chevrolet Silverado is listed at $299 per month. 

“While there were a few large increases and decreases in lease rates from January to February, most vehicle leasing payments stayed relatively steady,” said Scot Hall, executive vice president of Wantalease.com. “It will be interesting to see what changes in the industry as more Americans begin to receive their stimulus.”

Currently, both the Honda Civic and the Ford Focus are priced the lowest of all leases coming in at $159 per month. The Nissan Sentra’s leasing rate held steady from last month and is listed at $169 per month.  

Other slight lease increases include the Nissan Altima with a 3.37 percent increase and the BMW X5 M50i with an additional increase from last month. The Nissan Altima is now offered at $229 per month and the BMW X5 M50i is now offered at $1,069 per month. 

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Last modified on Thursday, 25 March 2021 11:46