Auction Academy Plans In-Person Event

By Staff Writer March 23, 2021

After more than a year of virtual classroom training, Auction Academy plans to resume in-person sessions, with a meeting of Class Group 6 in Detroit this August.

Since last June, Auction Academy training has taken place monthly in a virtual classroom setting after COVID 19 restrictions prohibited in-person meetings. The change was made half-way through the class group’s original two-year course syllabus.

“We have all experienced great success with our monthly virtual meetings, but we are eager to meet again in person,” said Penny Wanna, Auction Academy president. “We are tentatively planning to resume in-person sessions with a meeting set for Aug. 2-4 in Detroit. COVID guidelines will play a crucial part in the meeting structure, and we will include a hybrid component for any students unable to join us, either due to their comfort level or their company’s travel restrictions.”

Wanna said virtual classroom training will continue through June, with the academy taking a summer break in July.  Auction Academy’s Class Group 6 meets once a month using Zoom, for 90-minute sessions. The training alternates between a focus on an industry topic and leadership training.

Wanna reports that registration for Auction Academy’s Class Group 7 is now open. Official registration opens in June during the CAR Conference in Las Vegas, where Auction Academy will have an exhibit booth and moderate a panel.  Wanna adds that the coursework scheduled for Class Group 7 will include the usual 1st and 2nd year locations, and that anyone from Class 6 can join at no tuition cost, to allow them to visit the locations they missed during the COVID year.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 23 March 2021 12:36