IAIA's Upcoming Conference Highlights Auto Transportation

By Jeffrey Bellant March 16, 2021

The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance Virtual Conference on March 18 will feature a full slate of panels on a number of topics, including one that doesn’t always get attention.

Jay Wertzberger, founder of Auto Transport Intel, is moderating IARA’s “Transportation and Logistics” panel.

But Wertzberger hopes to take the conversation in a new direction at IARA.

“Repossession recoveries and transportation are verticals that don’t get a big seat at the conference table often enough,” Wertzberger said. 

He said conferences often never end up getting to a conversation about transportation.

Auto Transport Intel Founder, Jay Wertzberger

“I know that transportation managers, owners and carriers are having conversations with shippers, dealers and auctions, nut not enough in a public and meaningful way,” Wertzberger said. “I’m hoping to help bring that back.”

Joining Wertzberger will be Ray Moran of United Road, Joe Kichler of Manheim Logistics, Adam Laura of Acertus and Erik Rosenow of Vroom.

Wertzberger said challenges in the industry include the dip in new-car production which poses an issue for carriers that focus on new cars.

The challenge from this is the empty miles that a carrier drives. However, the opportunity means that carriers may get the chance to start filling those loads with other units, Wertzberger said.

COVID has also proved a challenge in that auto transport has been slow to adopt new technologies until the past five years, he added.

“If you didn’t have good technology in place before” Wertzberger said, “you really need to, now. A few years ago, you could have drivers that said, ‘I don’t want to use a mobile app.’ You can’t have that now and do inspections.”

Wertzberger said rentals and repos took a bit hit during the pandemic, so what did transport companies do?

“Some of those transport companies did what other companies did,” Wertzberger said. “They either went out of business, took time off or adapted to the situation.”

Even so, rates didn’t’ skyrocket on widespread basis and there were changes in the business.

But the industry will be unpacking this for a while, Wertzberger said.




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