TradeRev Adds New Features Featured

By Staff Writer July 11, 2019

TradeRev has integrated two new in-app features, Buy Now and Third Party Inspected, and launched key performance and usability enhancements.

Buy Now offers dealers a second, 24-hour opportunity to buy or sell a vehicle if it wasn't sold in an active auction. Dealers using the Buy Now feature can purchase the vehicle with a floor price instantly or make an offer on the vehicle.

Buy Now allows dealers to sell their inventory without having to launch a new auction and gives buyers the opportunity to purchase a vehicle they missed the first time.

The Third Party Inspected badge is a visual indicator that appears next to a trade listing and indicates the vehicle was inspected by a qualified TradeRev inspector. This differentiator allows buyers to quickly spot inspected trades.

Additionally, TradeRev further enhanced its custom filters and notifications, creating an improved user experience. Now users can pinpoint their target vehicles more easily and have access to more notification options, so they never miss a trade.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 17 July 2019 15:11