Manheim Invests $100 Million in 2021

By Staff Writer March 11, 2021 346

Manheim is investing nearly $100 million in 2021 to continue integrating its extensive network of digital and physical offerings, connecting them to better align with the varied needs of its clients. A continuation of its auction redesign effort that introduced digital tools to create simpler dealer transactions, this year’s investment aims to connect all of Manheim’s auction processes for greater consistency and efficiencies, while positioning Manheim’s teams and services to work better for all client segments.

Grace Huang

“Our continued focus on process improvements will further drive Manheim’s commitment to make it easier for our clients to do business with us,” said Grace Huang, president of Manheim. “While our investments in this area began prior to the pandemic, it’s been fulfilling to see the benefits they provide to enhancing our clients’ experience.”  

Among the initiatives already in place to create a more connected client experience in 2021 are: 

  • Vehicle Arbitration: Designed to help resolve vehicle purchase disputes, Manheim recognizes the importance of having consistent processes, policy interpretations and timely resolutions across its entire auction network. To deliver on this need, Manheim has invested in a more streamlined solution that combines enhanced technology and digital tools to keep team members connected to each other and to clients. Started prior to COVID-19 and fully implemented in 2020, it supports vehicles purchased at both physical locations and through digital channels.
  • Client Response Center (CRC): The frustration that comes with trying to find the right person to resolve an issue is universal. Investments in cloud technology are now making it possible for Manheim to route calls quickly and seamlessly to the right expert who can best resolve an issue, regardless of where it originated. As a result, the CRC team fielded 1.5 million calls in 2020 with a 95 percent answer rate of 35 seconds.  Not only does this process improvement save time for dealers, but it also strengthens relationships and drives increased satisfaction. 
  • Virtual Block Specialists: Originally created to address the rise in offsite auction sales, this solution became critical during COVID-19. When the CDC’s strict safety protocols disrupted Manheim’s long-standing tradition of live, in-person auctions, the company’s 76 locations nationwide switched to all-digital sales nearly overnight and its virtual block specialists went into high gear to continue serving clients. Today, this flexible and vital workforce is nearly 200 strong, supporting multiple Simulcast-only sales to keep clients connected and able to continue moving their businesses forward. 
  • Market Centers: Introduced in 2019 to collaboratively share resources and support functions across field locations, Manheim’s 24 Market Centers focus on providing maximum flexibility and efficiencies to deliver the services clients need to achieve their business goals. The results include a more seamless delivery of team member expertise, improved service consistency and greater time savings.

“Throughout this year, we’ll be introducing even more initiatives that will offer added value to our clients, regardless of how they choose to do business,” added Huang.

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