Study Names ‘Most Loved’ Vehicles

By Staff Writer February 15, 2021
The classic BMW 8-Series Convertible tops the most loved vehicle's list The classic BMW 8-Series Convertible tops the most loved vehicle's list

Strategic Vision’s 2021 Most Loved Vehicle Awards honored the BMW 8-Series Convertible and other vehicles in its annual study.

Among leaders in other categories were the Mercedes G-Class and GLC, Ram 1500 and Dodge Charger, according to the results of Strategic Vision’s 2021 Customer Love Experience Index (CLEI) measure.

The 2021 Most Loved Vehicles in America winners, with their CLEI scores 

 Cars $29,000 and Under


 Kia Forte Sedan



 Cars $30,000 and Over


 BMW 8-Series Convertible



 SUVs/CUVs $35,000 and Under


 Chevrolet Trailblazer



 SUVs/CUVs $36,000 and Over


 Mercedes-Benz G-Class



 Standard Pickups


 Chevrolet Colorado



 Full Size Pickups


 Ram 1500



 Heavy Duty Pickups


 GMC Sierra 2500/3500





 Ford Transit Cargo Van



 Loved by Women


 Land Rover Discovery



 Mass Market by African American


 Dodge Charger



 Luxury by African American


 Mercedes-Benz GLC



 Youth (29 and Under)


 BMW 3-Series Sedan /
 Nissan Rogue



 Alternative Powertrain


 Lexus RX Hybrid




“They are those models that deliver the best experience on the attributes that are personally important to the customer based on their personal priorities and values,” Strategic Vision founder, Darrel Edwards said.

CLEI is a product-focused metric that reviews 114 different customer experiences with product attributes and features ranging from “Overall Exterior Styling” to “Mirroring of smartphone content on vehicle display.” The emotional experience with each attribute is measured on the Edwards Commitment Scale, which ranges from “I Love it” to “I Hate it” with “Satisfied” in the middle.

The  25th annual CLEI report is based on results from the New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES), which examines the experiences of over 200,000 new vehicle owners annually.

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