Firm Launches RecovR Tool

By Staff Writer February 11, 2021

Kudelski IoT – a unit of the Kudelski group, a global technology and security provider – announced the launch of RecovR, a two-in-one lot management and theft recovery solution that enables car dealerships to manage their lots more efficiently. RecovR can improve the sales process and create a new revenue stream while providing consumers with the most advanced and reliable theft recovery solution on the market. RecovR debuted at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Virtual Show this week and will roll out to dealerships shortly thereafter.

For dealers, RecovR promises a substantially improved and simplified financial model compared to other theft recovery solutions currently available on the market. It is provided at no upfront cost to the dealer. RecovR also provides improved efficiencies and faster sales with its lot management features, helps prevent theft or misplaced cars, gives a potential reduction on garage keepers insurance, and provides a high-quality product that creates significant revenue at the Finance & Insurance (F&I) desk.

The RecovR locator is installed and associated with a vehicle in less than 60 seconds by placing it in a hidden location in the car and scanning the vehicle’s VIN. Because it doesn’t need to be wired into the vehicle, it doesn’t require professional installation and there is no risk of voiding the warranty as wired, battery connected solutions can. And because it is completely independent of the vehicle’s electronics system, it cannot be easily detected or disabled by thieves.

RecovR is designed for ease of use by dealers, allowing them to use a powerful web portal or an individual mobile device to locate a specific vehicle in real time on or off the lot. RecovR data can also be integrated with a Dealer Management System or other software used by dealers.

The product comes with a $5,000 limited warranty for the consumer if a car is stolen and not recovered and provides $1,000 toward their insurance deductible. RecovR offers 24/7 nationwide coverage and service/support.

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Last modified on Thursday, 11 February 2021 17:06