Fleet Provider Announces Promotion

By Staff Writer February 10, 2021

Mike Albert Fleet Solutions has promoted Nate Shadoin to director, sales & fleet electrification. The new position was created to help fleet clients achieve their sustainability goals and improve their ROI with electric vehicles.

“We’re excited that EVs and fleet electrification initiatives have become top of mind for businesses and government agencies who have carbon footprint reduction initiatives and want a lower total cost of ownership,” said Shadoin. “We’re proud to lead in this growing segment of the industry and help our clients realize the benefits of a zero-emission fleet.”

Shadoin joined Mike Albert Fleet Solutions in 2015.

“Nate is an unshaken leader in his belief in electric vehicles and the long-term value they can deliver to its owners and our environment,” says Jeff Hart, president at Mike Albert. “Through experience and continuous research, he has acquired extensive knowledge of the vehicles, batteries and charging solutions, as well as the monetization of incentives, grants and tax credits. He is a true champion of electrification.”

Shadoin, a lifelong sports car, racing, and auto industry enthusiast, attended Butler University in Indianapolis, the hometown of the Indianapolis 500. He’s now based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 14:59