Posturing, Politicking and Anti-Social Media

By Tony Moorby February 06, 2021 423


Congress is acting like the orchestra on the Titanic; making a lot of noise as chaos reigns around them and disastrous consequences loom from every direction. Unprecedented schisms at every level of society or political leaning are cleaving relationships to points that do not bode well for a population that needs healing in more ways than just the COVID pandemic.

I’ve always felt reasonably comfortable living as most Americans, working hard to fend for family and a future and enjoying a society that cared to preserve simple pleasures and expectations of civil surroundings.

Whichever side of the political fence you’re on, and trust me, allegiances have been sorely tested in the last few years, it used to be that your opinions were exactly that – yours. It now seems that if someone disagrees, you’re no longer allowed to hold your views in peace. Social media has seen to that. It should now be called anti-social media as it contributes very little to inform or improve civil communications. Stories or tales of events get skewed every which way to the point of not knowing the truth anymore.

Dealing with the coronavirus has been shrouded in a miasmic fog of posturing, politicking and pandering to confuse an already convoluted subject that no one has had to face before. I said in my last column that we should adopt a wartime mentality – that didn’t mean a warlike mentality! But we need a universal, top-down approach to vaccination that everyone understands and can easily follow. I appreciate States’ Rights but the higgledy-piggledy way of sorting priorities is bordering on dangerous. In our state, Tennessee, the priorities are set by county, all 95 of them. Gov. Lee is highly unlikely to know who’s doing what, why, where or how. It’s a disgraceful mess as there are probably as many ways to deal with the vaccination process as there are counties.

Compound this approach throughout the states and you end up with the blind leading the blind.

I heard that the government is looking at all kinds of ways to distribute the coronavirus vaccine. Obvious candidates to bolster efforts through Walgreens and CVS pharmacies include Walmart and staging areas large enough to handle long lines of cars such as football stadiums and other sporting facilities.

This pandemic had seeded more rumors than Carter has pills. Even Starbucks has got an honorable mention. Starbucks? I suppose getting an extra shot in your latte macchiato would mean rolling your sleeves up. Can your average barista lean that far out the drive-thru window?

Seriously, coordinated efforts need to be undertaken the sooner the better with clear leadership from Washington which Biden looks like he’s trying to achieve. This will test whether there’s any commitment from either party to serve the country rather than themselves. Something about leopards and spots comes to mind!

We need to start seeing some successes to get back the confidence of our people. But we’re in, what seems to be, a vicious circle. I’m convinced that anti-vaxxers and no-maskers impede the progress we might otherwise make as a single-minded nation. That’s the wartime mentality to which I was referring; a singular approach to get mended – health wise and as a nation.

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