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By Staff Writer January 15, 2021
Electric vehicles sales will continue to grow Electric vehicles sales will continue to grow has come up with the top five trends advancing the auto space in 2021 and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic forever altered car buying and selling, and changes will persist this year as Americans continue to spend more time at home and online, place a premium on the freedom car ownership provides, and keep affordability and electric vehicles top of mind. predicts the following trends will have the most long-term impact on car shopping in 2021.

New wave of car buyers emerge: Nearly 50 percent of people surveyed by say they continue to rely less on mass transit and ride-sharing services. Of Americans who previously did not own a car, nearly 20 percent are considering purchasing one.

The driveway becomes the dealer lot: In 2021, at-home delivery of vehicles and trading in vehicles from the driveway will become more mainstream. Fifty percent of dealer customers are offering home delivery services.

Virtual selling streamlines car buying: As dealership adoption of digital tools and technology increases, car shoppers can expect more of the purchase process to take place on virtual selling platforms such as chat, video and dealer websites.

Affordability is at the forefront for consumers: Car shoppers will continue to keep affordability top of mind this year. Although low interest rates and favorable credit conditions are helping keep monthly payments down for buyers, lean vehicle inventory conditions have resulted in unusually high new- and used-car prices. As a result, shoppers are prioritizing more comfortably priced vehicles.

Advancement in EVs with federal support and evolved technology. Electric vehicles could have a big year in 2021 as the incoming administration supports the EV market with consumer incentives, infrastructure plans and federal fleet purchases. With tech companies such as Apple rumored to enter the market, and automakers like Hyundai, Ford and GM announcing plans to significantly invest and expand their EV platforms, it's clear the race for EV domination is on.

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