Xcite Launches ReconLogic

By Staff Writer November 24, 2020

Chicago-based Xcite Automotive announced the launch of ReconLogic, a dealer-centered service that significantly streamlines the reconditioning and merchandising process of preparing vehicle inventory for sale. Now, vehicles can be “retail-ready” in just five days or less – a much faster turnaround compared to the 12 to 14 days many dealers experience today. Two locations are now fully operational and successfully serving dealers in the Chicago market.

With COVID driving even greater online vehicle shopping, it's essential for dealers to respond to consumers' desire to research and even buy their cars online. This means dealers must provide up-to-date inventory in real time. ReconLogic speeds up this process by eliminating the inefficiencies of utilizing several vendors to pick up vehicles, detail them, and have them professionally photographed through a one-source and one-invoice service that reduces the time, cost, and hassle of managing multiple vendors.

ReconLogic uses a seven-step process with multiple quality control checks to transport vehicles from the dealer's lot to a ReconLogic Center, where the vehicle receives a full interior and exterior detail and is then transferred into a professional-grade, automated photo studio for an exterior and interior photoshoot. Ultimately, vehicles are transported back to the dealer lot fully reconditioned and professionally merchandised – in just five days or less. ReconLogic has developed a proprietary software system called Lotgistics that tracks inventory throughout the reconditioning process, in order to more efficiently update dealers on their vehicles' status.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 24 November 2020 14:54