TaxMax Renews NIADA Deal

By Staff Writer November 02, 2020


Tax preparation specialist Tax Max has renewed its National Member Benefit partnership with the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association, providing exclusive offers for tax season services to association members and their customers. 

“This will be the most important tax season ever for dealers,” Tax Max president and CEO William Neylan said, “because the 2020 tax refund might be the only government funding source for their customers in 2021. So, dealers must be ready to capitalize. 

“Consumers will need to tap into their tax refunds as early as possible to purchase cars and assist with their car payments, and that’s where Tax Max comes into play.” 

Tax Max CEO William Neylan
Tax Max CEO William Neylan

Tax Max has processed more than 1 million tax returns and has helped more than 3,000 dealerships nationwide be more successful during tax season by filing their customers’ tax returns and forwarding the refund to the dealership to be used as a down payment on a vehicle or as payment on a past due account. 

In addition, Tax Max offers several non-traditional tax programs, including a fourth-quarter early tax season program, a collections program, a repair note program, the Drive Now Network tax season leads program and an irregular payments program that helps Buy Here-Pay Here dealers leverage tax season 365 days a year, providing hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow. 

NIADA director of business development James Gibson said, “Tax Max resources are more critical than ever with the uncertainty of the economy and government stimulus packages impacting our members’ sales cycle and corresponding cash flow.” 

Neylan said the partnership with NIADA will allow Tax Max to educate more dealers about the changes of tax season and provide help.

“In this economic environment, consumers don’t know where they’re getting their next disposable dollar,” he said. “This partnership allows us to provide dealers with the tools and information they need to be successful.”

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Last modified on Monday, 02 November 2020 17:22