DealerSocket Partners with GM DVIM

By Staff Writer October 27, 2020

DealerSocket, a SaaS provider to the automotive industry, announced that its Inventory+ inventory management software is now participating in General Motors’ Dealer Vehicle Inventory Management (DVIM) program. That means GM dealerships using DealerSocket’s Inventory+ can now syndicate inventory to GM-participating website providers and programs, including the automaker's Shop-Click-Drive e-commerce tool.

“Dealers can now utilize more digital retailing solutions to meet customers where and how they want to shop,” said Brad Kokesh, general manager of DealerSocket’s Inventory+ line. “With so much uncertainty in the current market, it’s critical for dealers to have access to more marketing channels while utilizing Inventory+ to identify and source true profit drivers.”  

General Motors' DVIM program improves the consumer experience at GM-branded shopping sites. With DealerSocket’s Inventory+, GM dealers can automate processes and quickly access the latest vehicle costs, options, and suggested sales prices. Using a data-driven approach to inventory management ensures that every lot unit has a chance to sell at a profit, establishing an ideal inventory model for every dealership.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 27 October 2020 14:53