Fyusion Introduces Inspection Tool

By Staff Writer October 23, 2020

Fyusion, which enables the creation of 3D images with deep AI understanding, today announced its entry into the vehicle inspection market with the launch of Fyusion Inspect, a fully automated damage analysis and condition reporting tool built on its ALIS AI platform. The company states Fyusion Inspect produces highly accurate and consistent vehicle condition reports based on 3D images, which can be captured by most smartphones via a simple, guided process.

Ideal for any workflow that requires assessments of vehicle condition, including wholesaling, trade-in appraisal, lease-end inspections, and fleet management, Fyusion Inspect promises to simplify the inspections process, enable more consistent and objective reporting, and reduce the financial burden of using on-site professional vehicle inspectors.

Fyusion Inspect provides the following key features: 3D image generation to use as the basis for damage detection; image capture with a smartphone; AI-based damage analysis; detailed condition reporting output ; an end-to-end SaaS solution that guarantees damage detection accuracy and application- and SDK-based offerings to enable partners to integrate damage analysis into comprehensive solution suites.

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Last modified on Monday, 02 November 2020 17:12