TradeRev Brings Back ‘Move Metal’

By Staff Writer October 21, 2020

TradeRev, a digital marketplace of KAR Auction Services Inc., announces the return of its popular Move Metal transport guarantee. While aiming to offer the fastest payment-to-delivery time in the entire country, TradeRev wants to give dealers confidence that their purchases will arrive faster and retail-ready for sale. With the Move Metal guarantee, all vehicles purchased with transport in the app within 300 miles of their lot will arrive within three business days or less, or the delivery charge is free.


“TradeRev aims to provide dealers a fast, convenient, straightforward and rewarding experience, every time—from searching, bidding and buying to payment and shipping,” said Mark Endras, co-founder and president of TradeRev. “Time is money for dealers, and they want speed and predictability while moving fresh inventory to their lots. We’re the first and only auction, in-lane or online, to offer dealers a money-back transport guarantee, earning trust from dealers to deliver dependable inventory fast and on-time.”


TradeRev first launched the Move Metal transport guarantee in the U.S. this February and temporarily paused the program due to COVID-related interstate commerce restrictions. On Oct. 9, TradeRev relaunched the program at a time when adoption of its digital platform is at an all-time high and transportation costs have sky-rocketed.

Adding to TradeRev’s Move Metal guarantee is its 2020 flat-fee shipping program available to all U.S.-based dealers from zero to 500 miles. TradeRev’s flat transport rates mean more control and transparency, providing dealers with up-front pricing details before a bid is even placed. The flat-fee transportation program is provided by CarsArrive Network, a KAR Global company and leading provider of automated vehicle shipping services.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 21 October 2020 17:15