DealerPeak Launches New Platform

By Staff Writer October 08, 2020

DealerPeak, an industry player in automotive dealership customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, announced the launch of its new iD Websites platform. ID Websites (or ID Web) represents the next generation of automotive website development and management, and brings cutting-edge tools and capabilities to dealerships of all sizes.

To promote the launch, ID Web is offering free previews of sample websites for dealerships who sign up now, with sample delivery taking place within 48 hours of the dealership’s information reaching ID Web’s development team.

“We’ve created a platform that combines all the best features of modern websites - AI support, optimized voice-capable search, built-in automation and lead-generation functions - into a drag-and-drop, visual page builder with a toolkit that’s powerful but easy enough for almost anyone to use,” said Matt Moore, president of DealerPeak.

“ID Web is built so that dealerships have a choice about just how much or how little they want to do themselves.  If they’re comfortable doing most of the work, they’ll quickly get up to speed with the platform’s management tool. Or, they can let our team of experts build their site and manage most of the day-to-day functions. ID Web has the power to create and manage high-performance, powerful automotive websites that drive sales, and making the platform fit the preferences of our dealers is our ultimate goal.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 13 October 2020 20:58