Buyers Want Home Delivery

By Staff Writer October 01, 2020 1104

New research from, a digital automotive marketplace and solutions provider, finds that 61 percent of recent car buyers said they would want their newly purchased car delivered at home from their local dealership. And dealers are responding in kind: Local dealerships offering home delivery services are up 35 percent since March.

“During the start of the pandemic, and certainly far beyond, consumers have turned to personal car ownership as their preferred and safe mode of transportation,” said Alex Vetter, CEO of Inc. “While the technology and digital retailing tools are not new to the industry or CARS, there is a noticeable increased usage driven by shopper demand and dealers are rapidly shifting their strategies to meet this new consumer expectation.”

Research from shows demand is growing for home delivery and virtual car-buying options from dealerships; people are still buying cars and the main reason is COVID-19. Of those who purchased a car within the last six months, 57 percent said the pandemic accelerated online car shopping and buying. Walk-in traffic to dealership showrooms is still down 15 percent nationwide, largely replaced by digital visits as consumers prefer to stay home and shop from afar. And 57 percent of recent buyers said they conducted the bulk of the vehicle transaction online with their local dealership. reports an increase of 30 percent in contact and user engagement for dealers offering home delivery and virtual options versus those still offering the traditional showroom experience.

Dealers are meeting consumers on their turf — their homes. In March, at the start of the pandemic, 49 percent of dealers said they offered home delivery services. By August, 66 percent offered the services, an increase of 35 percent in less than half a year. Approximately 20 percent of recent car buyers used home delivery from their local dealership, while 61 percent of recent buyers state they would use this service from their local dealership if it were offered, showing sustained interest in this growing trend.

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