Porsche Introduces Single-Vehicle Subscriptions

By Staff Writer August 26, 2020

Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) introduced a monthly Single-Vehicle Subscription (SVS) program in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Diego. This program offers members access to a single Porsche model for one or three months, for an all-inclusive fee, starting September 25. The new option coincides with the expansion of its existing monthly Multi-Vehicle Subscription and Rental programs to Los Angeles, the largest city yet to host the programs.

Porsche is forging ahead with Multi-Vehicle Subscription after the initial experience has shown it reaches new audiences for the brand. In all existing markets, 80 percent of participants have been new to Porsche, many are younger than the average age for current Porsche buyers or lessees, and more than a third enroll for at least four months. Adding a single-vehicle option reflects a preference among some members to stay in one model instead of switching vehicles.

Los Angelinos will be able to choose from a variety of current Porsche model variants, including the new Cayenne Coupe, for shorter-term vehicle access than a traditional lease or purchase. To sign up, individuals can download the Porsche Drive app available on Apple and Android devices to apply for membership.

At the same time, Porsche is rebranding its new mobility offerings under the name Porsche Drive. What had been the monthly subscription program Porsche Passport will now be Porsche Drive – Multi-Vehicle Subscription, and the shorter-term offering will be Porsche Drive – Rental. Similarly, the new monthly subscription program with access to one vehicle will be Porsche Drive – Single-Vehicle Subscription.

"If California were a country, it would be our fifth-largest market in the world. After bringing Porsche Drive to San Diego last summer, Los Angeles was an obvious choice to allow customers to experience a variety of Porsche sports cars and SUVs at the touch of an app. Now, in addition to our Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles track, L.A. residents or those visiting L.A. have another way to enjoy a Porsche," said Klaus Zellmer, President and CEO of PCNA.

All Drive programs include deep cleaning of cars between users and social distancing at delivery and pick-up, as well as other measures to protect the safety of customers and staff.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 14:04