A Journal of the Coronavirus Year

By Tony Moorby June 23, 2020 537

To coin a phrase from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, this has been an annus horribilis so far for almost anyone on the planet. Her reference of an awful year referred to 1992 when Windsor Castle was engulfed in a major fire with the loss of many historical artifacts as well as structural damage. These things can and have been repaired. Much around us now will never return to previous conditions.

New reference points are having to be made in every walk of life. For the moment, any reference to a clock seems to be entirely redundant unless you’re ‘rushing’ to a Zoom meeting. But time seems to have passed fairly quickly as the whole family has adapted to the new restrictions and lifestyle limitations handed to us by the health crisis.

 COVID-19 testing at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, March 31, 2020
COVID-19 testing at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, March 31, 2020

I think it was Freud that said repetition was a basic module for a mentally stable life – the compulsion to repeat being even more powerful than the compulsion to seek pleasure. That repetition has served us well as Terry has been like a drill sergeant doing her exercises, prepping meals and staying in touch with friends, neighbors and loved ones. She’s got projects like crocheting, turning out baby products at a rate that would impress Henry Ford and she can knock out those witheringly difficult 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzles by Charles Wysocki as easy as wink.

Painting has kept me busy and sane. I share the cooking duties with Terry and I’ve amazingly avoided putting on weight, in fact I chose this time to do the opposite and lost 15 pounds. We look like a couple of old codgers eating from our TV trays in the rec room, watching “Jeopardy!”

Terry never watched Downton Abbey with me the first time it was aired on PBS, so we’re now binge watching and she’s as captivated as I was and I’m revisiting all the little things I’d forgotten. All rendered more palatable with a couple of nightcaps made by those wonderful people in Kentucky! Voltaire suggested that happiness can come from a busy solitude and I consider us to have been very fortunate (really?) in the circumstances. Others have had it much harder, I’ll admit.

Chelsea Flower Show
Chelsea Flower Show, Royal Hospital Chelsea , London U.K

Spring is a hard act to follow here in Tennessee and by now I would usually have made our patio and garden into something worthy of the Chelsea Flower Show. They didn’t do it this year and nor did I. I’ve still managed to make it look like a pretty retreat even with last year’s leftover perennials and keeping enough herbs to supply the kitchen. Shopping for flowers during these times seemed entirely too frivolous and perhaps even dangerous. Having been too close to the effects and finality that are created by this Covid-19 virus I have been even more sanguine over being out and about even as many people are becoming fairly relaxed.

A trip to the grocery store, for me, is still a nervous adventure with mask and wipes at the ready. I find it remarkable that some can be almost cavalier about concern for others, even as casualty numbers are back on the rise.

There’s much to think about these days, contributing to this horrible year – civil rights, policing policies and methods, politics in an election year. Let’s hope that the coronavirus doesn’t grow again as badly, and we charge into next year with a vaccine at the ready so we can concentrate on saving what’s left of society.



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