McConkey Auction Group Launches New Website

By Staff Writer June 18, 2020

McConkey Auction Group announced the launch of, a website that includes all of its wholesale auction businesses. Prior to its development and June 12 launch, the company had separate websites for DAA Northwest, DAA Seattle, and its motorsports division.

One of the tools provides is a comprehensive sale calendar. Dealers can now view all scheduled McConkey Auction Group (MAG) events in a single online location. “The calendar development was a priority when we began the project,” said Mitzi VanVoorhis, McConkey’s vice president of marketing. “We started working on the new website before COVID-19 hit – the rapid pace of change since then has made the calendar a go-to tool.”

MAG is selling digital-only Weds at 1pm via Eblock
MAG is digital-only auctions Weds at 1pm via Eblock and Edge Pipeline

In addition to the calendar and information about DAA Northwest, DAA Seattle, MAG Now, MAG Motorsports and MAG RVs, provides dealers with entry to both EBlock and Edge Pipeline.

The McConkey Auction Group served as a beta location for EBlock earlier in the year; its MAG Now auctions are powered by EBlock and take place every Wednesday at 1 p.m. (PT). MAG’s weekly DAA Northwest and DAA Seattle auctions are offered via Edge Simulcast.

Future plans include the integration of new dealer tools.

“We are in a time of digital transformation,” said Bob McConkey, president and CEO of MAG. “Our new website is one avenue we have employed to supplement our hands-on, relationship-based service.”

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Last modified on Monday, 22 June 2020 22:26