Auction Breaks Ground on Project

By Staff Writer June 02, 2020

Carolina Auto Auction has broken ground on an additional 16 acres that will include a 28-bay facility that will house the mechanic and CR area as well as create a much larger commercial drop-off area to lessen the strain on the main guard gate and help with traffic flow on the campus.

To ensure that new employees are trained correctly, both Carolina and its sister facility Indiana Auto Auction have instituted a new comprehensive training system that incorporates video with on-the-job training through a Learning Management System that is uniform and engaging for all new employees.

The auction continues to use the Cognosis GPS tracking system for all of the units on the lot. This improves operational efficiency by saving hours of time tracking down units. Cognosis allows just about any employee to find any unit on the lot within just a few feet of where the system says it is parked.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 02 June 2020 09:29