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NAAA Releases COVID-19 Playbook

By Jeffrey Bellant May 18, 2020 590
The NAAA playbook brings together tips and solutions that other auctions have come up with. The NAAA playbook brings together tips and solutions that other auctions have come up with.

The National Auto Auction Association has released Playbook: Auction Start-up, Response to COVID-19,” to help auctions in the pandemic situation.

NAAA President Laura Taylor introduced the new program in a letter to the industry on May 15.

“Protecting the wellbeing of our member auctions' employees and their families is always of paramount importance to the National Auto Auction Association,” she said. “but now, more than ever, they depend on us as an industry to do everything we can to safeguard them during the current public health crisis.

“To help you minimize the risk of coronavirus to your workforce and their families, NAAA is providing a playbook and video that can serve as a valuable resource in establishing workplace policies and procedures for the safety of those who will be physically present as your auction re-opens for business.”

The 18-page document, available through NAAA, also comes with a short video for auctions to play at their entry points and throughout their facilities as a reminder to staff, dealers and visitors what is expected.

Taylor thanked ADESA, Akron Auto Auction, Charleston Auto Auction, Manheim and NAAA’s Safety Committee for their work on the project.

NAAA Chairman Chad Bailey, president of Akron Auto Auction, the biggest thing is providing safety and social distancing.

“It’s just making sure you have a plan,” he said. “It’s not too hard. It’s making everyone feel safe and feel good.

“I think everybody gets what ‘distancing’ is since we’ve had to do this for eight weeks. It’s not splitting the atom.”

Bailey said it shouldn’t be a hassle for dealers either.

“It’s just some dealers are creatures of habit.” he said. “But the dealer has to perform that same stuff at his dealership.”

Bailey said a lot of this is common sense at this point, but even so, the playbook will allow auctions to have a place to go for answers.

“There might be things you don’t think about,” he said.

The playbook brings together tips and solutions that other auctions like Bailey’s sale, Taylor’s Charleston Auto Auction, Manheim and ADESA have come up with.

“When you put everybody’s heads together, you probably aren’t going to miss too much,” Bailey said. “If everybody grabs one thing out of it they need, it will serve its purpose.”

At  press time, Akron had completed its third live sale with people in the lanes since the pandemic and it’s been received well, Bailey said.

Frank Hackett, NAAA CEO, said the industry came together to develop this playbook to benefit all of its members.

It will really help when a local, state or federal agency comes in with any questions, you can show this and say, ‘This is the industry standard that comes from our association,’” he said.

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