Prognostications, Preparedness and the Pandemic

By Tony Moorby May 04, 2020 522

As the world is on its head right now it’s hard to imagine any corner of society or industry that hasn’t been wrenched into a new direction, for the most part, blindfolded and hopelessly swinging in all directions as though life were a piñata, hoping to get a feel for what to do next. Trust me, no one has the foggiest idea how to handle this Covid 19 pandemic any more than the man in the moon.

From the president to a pauper this whole experience has been a devastating lesson in unpreparedness. Early stumbles have escalated from ignorance to ignominy and incomprehensible cost. Loved ones have been reduced to a daily tally of discarded bodies in a morass of statistical spirals of worsening abilities to control, predict and rely on outcomes.

Prognostications and projections depend on what day of the week it is, which coast you’re on, and what some “expert” had for breakfast this morning.

President Trump continues to decry the experts (?) and make stuff up as he goes along, leaving a trail of even worsening confusion while he shifts the goal posts as he plays the blame game – the World Health Organization being the latest casualty of his shape-shifting finger pointing to deflect the focus of his blithering blunders, in spite of early advice to take things seriously.

Not one single part of the administration was ready to accommodate the tsunami of stress that has been hurled at it. The medical establishment, at any level has not been able to handle the onslaught of cases. Though this is not the fault of front liners, who are now becoming victims of that from which they are trying to protect their patients. Without the proper equipment to handle themselves or others, making do with scarves for medical grade facemasks and trash can liners for body covers. It should be a disgusting embarrassment.

As for a national testing capability, no one knows who’s responsible to carry them out or where to direct the few tests that are being made. The opportunity to establish results and therefore data patterns has been missed. Therefore tracking contacts has been a myth. Phony testers set up in a public parking lot, charging outrageous fees to desperate people too afraid to question the credentials of these vile pigs.

This mish mash of approaches that lack a nationally cohesive strategy is a tragedy whose cost we’ll be assessing for many years. If the cost of preparedness was considered to be untenable, we’ll be paying millions of times more in lives and economic damage.

Whilst the sloppy leaders in DC who pay no attention to social distancing (the president’s daughter and son-in-law popped off to a Passover do – in New Jersey!! Essential travel? Not!) the rest of the population is isolating and trying to find something good to hang on to.

The American people, for the most part are amazing. While there may be disparate views (including mine!) most folks are digging deep to come up with creative ways to raise a smile, raise some money, raise a glass and raise the spirits (pun intended) in times unprecedented since the war.

Acts of kindness abound in the face of separation, finding ways to share while others hoard. I’ve struggled with why people become greedy and selfish but with no clear direction in uncharted waters, it’s hardly surprising.

The most impressive are the caregivers and those whose services are deemed essential – doctors, nurses, postal workers, warehouse people and those in the food supply chain. Some staring death in the face, while dealing with the terminally ill, are above and beyond praise.

We should celebrate these fine people when we find a way out of this pandemic.






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