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By Staff Writer April 30, 2020’s new “Virtual Shopping” communication system highlights contactless buying options like “Video Walkarounds,” “At Home Test Drives,” and “Driveway Delivery” to ensure seamless and safe buying connections in the wake of COVID-19.

“It’s a great step forward in highlighting the incredible efforts of auto dealers and supporting safe shopping for all,”  said Sean Coffman, CEO.

Contactless shopping options will be visibly highlighted on both inventory listings as well as on nearly 20,000 Dealer Websites powered by Cars For Sale to celebrate the supportive measures auto dealers are taking to serve their customers’ needs and prioritize safety.

Under the virtual shopping tool, shoppers can schedule digital sales meetings with dealerships to answer questions about the virtual buying process, discuss inventory, financing options, and more. Shoppers can request live video walkarounds with dealerships to view and inspect vehicles in real-time.

Some dealers are also willing to drop a vehicle off at a shopper’s residence for a safe, no-commitment test drive and inspection. Dealers can also deliver  a newly purchased, freshly cleaned vehicle directly to the shopper’s driveway as a safe and convenient service. Other services include online loan applications and online paperwork.

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Last modified on Friday, 01 May 2020 14:07

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